Hand-crafted spherical goodness. Artisanal bath bombs made of premium ingredients to nourish your skin

Our bath bombs are carefully created with skin nourishing oils and thoughtfully hand-moulded with art. Each bath bomb is freshly made to uphold the highest standard of quality and integrity of its fizzing and scents. We do not use any preservatives and only use approved ingredients that are 100% safe and gentle on skin. ❤️

About Us

The idea behind YEEGA BOMB was incepted during a bathtub moment after having one too many bath bombs that failed us - no fizz, no smell and some even stains. YEEGA BOMB was introduced to elevate your bath and feet soaks into luscious pampering goodness that not only smells great but also nourishes your skin.

Our bath bombs were designed with the best quality and skincare ingredients in mind, and handpicked scents that give you the relaxation you deserve.

Soak it in and lie back (use a candle if you want to set the mood further). Let your worries and burdens be soaked away as you clear your head and just enjoy these moments. 

Yee Lyn & Gadiy,

Co-founders and Life partners.


Tried yeegabomb during my staycation.. 10/10 these bath bombs are legit, will actually get a bathtub just for this treat. 

Jun Xian
Kuala Lumpur

Tried the Sakura bath bomb and they turned into pretty colors and smells really good! It's moisturizing and leaves an amazing scent on my skin after the bath. 😍 

Shah Alam
Over the years, we’ve been trying out many types of bathbombs in the effort of finding the perfect one for a soak, and we have finally found it in yeega bathbombs - the inviting aroma and soothing feel is unlike any other and it is the perfect accompaniment for a relaxing unwind after a long day!
Alex & Kat
Subang Jaya

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